The Council is continually reviewing planned projects for the current year and beyond to take into account the needs of the Parish as they arise.

Planned projects for 2017/2018

Parish Council Newsletter

The Newsletter will be produced twice a year to keep residents informed of the status of its projects and Council targets. A round up of all Council meetings is posted here monthly.

Restoration of the recreation ground wall

An initial two-year plan of works is due to begin in 2017.

The Community Plan

Launched in 2016, the Community Plan now plays a key role in the PC’s project planning process. In late 2016 we conducted a survey of local community groups/organisations to identify the need for a community facility with plans to improve the pavilion as necessary. A Working Group has also been established to look at ways in which the PC can improve access and use of the recreation ground and pavilion going forward; Cllr Ian Jackson is leading this. We continue to heavily subsidise the cutting of grass verges throughout the Parish as part of our commitment to the Community Plan.

Replacement fencing at the recreation ground

To improve safety and access, the fencing on the western boundary of the recreation ground is due to be replaced in March 2017.

Other projects for 2017/18 include…

  • A flower meadow in the cemetery
  • Walking routes signage
  • Biodiversity projects
  • Upgrade of the PC’s website