The Council is continually reviewing planned projects for the current year and beyond to take into account the needs of the Parish as they arise.

Planned projects for 2020/2021

Parish Council Newsletter

The Newsletter will be produced twice a year to keep residents informed of the status of its projects and Council targets. A round up of all Council meetings is posted here monthly.

Restoration of the recreation ground wall

An initial two-year plan of works began in 2017 and is ongoing.

The Community Plan

Launched in 2016, the Community Plan now plays a key role in the PC’s project planning process. In late 2016 we conducted a survey of local community groups/organisations to identify the need for a community facility with plans to improve the pavilion as necessary.  In late 2019, the former URC building on the High Street came up for sale and the PC moved quickly to acquire it.  Completion of the purchase should take place by September 2020 and a schedule of works to repair and renovate the building should begin in November 2020.  The building will be known as Cheveley Parish Hall and will provide a central facility for residents, non-residents and community groups to use.  The PC still plans to look at the future of the pavilion in liaison with local sports clubs.

We continue to heavily subsidise the cutting of grass verges throughout the Parish as part of our commitment to the Community Plan.

Other projects for 2020/2021 include…

  • A flower meadow in the cemetery – this is now well underway.
  • Walking routes signage
  • Biodiversity projects
  • Pavilion Refurbishment
  • Speed reduction measures in North Ward – as of September 2020, these are almost complete.
  • Neighbourhood Plan

Community-Led Projects

The Parish Council is keen to support other projects in and around the parish which are led by members of the community.  If you have a project in mind and you can get a group together to see it through, then please write to or email us using our guidance document and we will consider your idea at a future meeting.  We would value the opportunity to support you in any way possible, be it financially or otherwise.  If you would like more information before filling out the form, please telephone the Clerk on 01638 780835.