On Tuesday 8th December meetings of Cheveley Parish Council and Cheveley Pavilion and Recreation Ground Charity were again held via an online meeting platform.   Parish Councillors, District Councillor Alan Sharp and members of the public were in attendance.

At the meeting thanks were given to Claire Elbrow who, because of work commitments, had resigned as Chair of the Parish Council and also as a Councillor.    In her three years as Chair much had been achieved including recently the purchase of a hall in Cheveley which would become the Parish Hall following renovation.

The first item on the agenda was to elect a new Chair and this position was taken by Councillor Sallie Thomas with Councillor James Hadlow being elected as Vice Chair.

The Council were delighted to accept an application from Mr Rob Treanor as a new Councillor for the South Ward.   Mr Treanor remained at the meeting to observe and would become a Councillor at the next meeting after signing his Declaration of Acceptance of Office.   There remain two vacancies and anyone interested in applying should contact the Clerk for full details.

The snow which had recently fallen had prevented the sowing of the seed for the next stage of the wildflower meadow but this would take place on Saturday 12th December if conditions were favourable.

District Councillor Alan Sharp reported that the results of a recent survey regarding bus, walking and cycling routes in the district were being studied prior to future plans being decided upon.

The Cheveley Parish draft budget for the coming year was discussed and it was agreed, once again, not to increase the precept which would remain at £80,000 for 2021-2022.

A draft of the Parish Council newsletter was considered and, following minor changes, it was agreed to go ahead and get it printed.   It would be delivered to all households in the Parish during December.

The grounds maintenance contract for 2021-2022 was awarded to the current contractor McGregor Services who did an excellent job in maintaining areas of the Parish.

The Council office would be closed over the Christmas period from 24th December until 4th January.   An answer phone message would give an alternative number to contact in the event of matters unable to wait until after that time.

Councillors were updated on the progress of renovation work on the Parish Hall.   It was agreed to delegate powers to make project decisions between Council meetings to the Chair and Vice Chair in consultation with the Architect and the Clerk.   This was to avoid unnecessary delays to the building work.   Various quotations for extra work to bring the property up to standard to attract potential users were considered and it was agreed to go ahead with these up to a ceiling amount.   The Management Team had held several constructive meetings regarding plans for the future use of the property and Councillor Jane Gibson agreed to join them as Parish Council representative of residents living in the North Ward of the Parish.   A site meeting was due to take place the following week.

Councillor Fullerton had been able to confirm that the drain cover in Cheveley High Street which was problematic during heavy rain was the responsibility of Anglia Water.   He was liaising with District Councillor Sharp and County Councillor Shuter to ensure that it was dealt with properly.

Issues with flooding had occurred in areas of Oak Lane.   It was understood that some drainage work was being undertaken in the vicinity of these and the situation would be monitored.   Councillor Fullerton will liaise with Highways to ascertain the cause of the flooding.

At the meeting of Cheveley Pavilion & Recreation Ground Charity that followed it was reported that Councillor Fullerton had planted daffodil bulbs at the recreation ground.   The contractor had said that work should resume on the Recreation Ground wall this month.   The dog foul sack dispenser had been refilled in the car park.

The contractor had treated and reseeded the goal mouth areas and the goal posts had been moved following a request by Cheveley Sports Club.   Vandals had caused some damage to items in the Recreation Ground including to a light.   A faulty light was being replaced at a cost of £106.

The next meetings will be held on Tuesday 12th January at 7.30 p.m.   For full details of these and any other information please refer to the website (www.cheveley-pc.gov.uk) or contact the clerk (clerk@cheveley-pc.gov.uk or telephone 01638 780835).