On Tuesday 12th March meetings of Cheveley Parish Council and Cheveley Pavilion & Recreation Ground Charity were held in Cheveley Parish Hall.   Six Councillors were in attendance, together with District and County Councillor Alan Sharp and a member of the public.

Councillors were delighted to be able to report that the Cheveley Parish Council element to be paid by its residents had fallen by 1.4% compared with last year.

At this meeting a review of various Council Policies was undertaken including Standing Orders.  Now that CCTV had been installed and was operational at both the Parish Hall and the Pavilion It was agreed that a Policy would be adopted to cover its use in both of these venues.   Other administration matters were considered including the purchase of a dedicated mobile telephone for the Clerk’s use which would be more practical than the current landline.

The laurel hedge in the grounds of the Parish Hall had been cut back which had created a larger usable area behind the Hall.   Further gardening issues were discussed and would be undertaken during the summer.

Discussion of hire charges for users of the Hall were deferred to a later date.   Arrangements were progressing well for Parish celebrations to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee and it was agreed that a photograph would be purchased to commemorate the official naming of the front room which would take place during the festivities.   A jubilee flag would not be purchased but instead there would be plenty of bunting.   Other expenses relating to the event were also agreed.

It was hoped that work would commence soon on the retaining wall between the Hall and the neighbouring property.

An additional dog waste bin had been ordered and would be situated at Broomstick Corner.  All verges outside Cheveley village and North Ward managed by Cambridgeshire County Council will not be cut during May as part of a “No Mow May verge management policy to encourage wildlife.   A further MVAS has been ordered and information from this would be sent to Cambridgeshire Speedwatch Team in addition to that gathered by the present unit.   A second team of volunteers is in the process of being set up to assist with the operation of these.

Nominations for the McCalmont Cup and Young Volunteer of the Year Awards were considered confidentially and winners of each trophy were selected.   These would be presented at the Annual Parish Meeting which is to be held on Tuesday 3rd May in the Parish Hall at 7.00 p.m.    All Parishioners are warmly welcome to attend.

A meeting of Cheveley Pavilion & Recreation Ground Charity was held immediately after the Parish Council meeting.   At this Councillors were informed that a member of the public had reported that many of the daffodils that had been planted in the Recreation Ground had been picked.   Councillor Hadlow was able to confirm this.   It was disappointing that this had happened as the bulbs had been planted so that many people could enjoy the daffodil display and it was hoped that this would not happen in future years.

Cheveley Sports Club were hoping to stage a cricket festival at the Recreation Ground on Sunday 12th June.   This would require some work to be carried out to provide a basic wicket so that the event could be a success.   It was agreed that this could go ahead and the initiative was welcomed.

As CCTV had now been installed at the Pavilion it was agreed that the Sports Club could resume storing items in the fridge.

Work had finally resumed on the wall surrounding the Recreation Ground and was being undertaken by new contractors.

The pavilion had been thoroughly cleaned and heavy duty rubber mats placed in the entrance areas which, it was hoped, would help keep the floor from getting too muddy in the future.

The next meetings would be held on Tuesday 10th May 2022 at 7.30 p.m. in Cheveley Parish Hall.    For information on this or any other matter please refer to the website (www.cheveley-pc.gov.uk) or contact the clerk, Mrs Marilyn Strand (clerk@cheveley-pc.gov.uk, Telephone 01638 780835).