On Tuesday 11th April, the final meetings of the present term of Cheveley Parish Council and Cheveley Pavilion & Recreation Ground Charity were held in Cheveley Parish Hall.   Seven Councillors were present together with District and County Councillor Alan Sharp.   Three members of the public were there for a short time.

At the meeting it was reported that the charge in respect of payroll administration and the price of the mobile phone had both increased as had the council tax bill in respect of the Parish Hall.

A quotation for the repair of the white gates at Broomstick Corner, which denote the entrance to Cheveley Village, was accepted and it was hoped that the work could proceed soon.

Following the review of the Council’s Bank policy new accounts had been opened and transfers would be made as necessary.

The website had been updated to reflect local events.   The Parish Hall page and event post tabs had been improved with photos and images.

A communication from a member of the public had been received regarding school parking blocking his driveway.   Although the Parish Council had sympathy for the situation it is not an issue over which they have any authority and the Clerk had directed him to the Cambridgeshire County Council website.

Councillors were allotted areas of the Parish to carry out the annual inspection of assets that the Council is responsible for.  These would take place over the next few weeks.

Various maintenance issues at the Parish Hall had been dealt with and a response from East Cambridgeshire District Council regarding a food vendor licence was awaited.   Consideration was given to adding additional vendors to those already operating from the car park of the Parish Hall.   It was felt that having a food vendor there every other week would be the most suitable arrangement.

Future management of bookings for the hall was discussed and would be followed up at the next meeting.   Other management issues regarding the Parish Hall would also be decided when the new term of office had convened.

At the meeting of Cheveley Pavilion and Recreation Ground Charity that followed it was reported that the annual play area inspection had been booked and would take place in April.   There would be a dog show to be held on Sunday 23rd July.

Correspondence from residents regarding safety issues had been received.   One was concerned about the lack of fencing to prevent small children and dogs running into the road from the Recreation Ground.   The other requested that the play area be fenced off to deter dogs from entering it.   No action would be taken with either of these but the situation would be monitored.

A broken shower in one of the changing rooms would be replaced at a cost of £200 and a contractor would fit the two recently purchased waste bins.

Councillor Marvin reported that some soft drink had been left in the refrigerator in the pavilion and said that Cheveley Sports Club must be to blame.

At the close of the meetings the chairman thanked councillors and the clerk for all their work over the length of the term.   The next meetings will be held on Tuesday 16th May 2023 at 7.30 p.m. in Cheveley Parish Hall.   Please note that this is a change from the normal date of the second Tuesday in every month and is to comply with the protocol that has to be followed at the beginning of a new term of office.  District Council elections are being held on 4th May in the Parish Hall.   For information on this or any other matter please refer to the website (www.cheveley-pc.gov.uk) or contact via: clerk@cheveley-pc.gov.uk, or telephone 07483 107014.