On Tuesday 10th May meetings of Cheveley Parish Council and Cheveley Pavilion & Recreation Ground Charity were held in Cheveley Parish Hall.   Five Councillors were in attendance, together with District and County Councillor Alan Sharp and a member of the public.

This being the Annual meeting it was required that election in respect of Chairman and Vice Chairman was undertaken.   Councillor Sallie Thomas was again elected as Chairman and Councillor James Hadlow as Vice Chairman.

It was reported that the additional dog waste bin from Broomstick Corner had not yet been received.   Delivery of the additional MVAS and mounting brackets was also awaited.

A mobile telephone had been ordered and received.   This would be the main contact telephone for the Parish Council and would be used by the clerk for all council matters.   The landline telephone would no longer be used and anyone wishing to contact the council should call 07483 107014.

Councillor Day had reported that it was hoped to hold a pre-submission consultation on the Neighbourhood Plan in June with the aim of holding a Referendum on it in the Spring of 2023.

The Annual Parish meeting had been held on Tuesday 3rd May and had been chaired by James Hadlow.   Residents who attended gave warm applause to Ian Jackson who was awarded the McCalmont Cup in recognition of his contribution over many years to the Parish including his work with Cheveley Sports Club.   The award for Young Volunteer of the Year was deservedly received by Edward Berridge.

The Independent Internal Auditor’s Report had not raised any issues and the Annual Governance and Accounting Statements were therefore approved and signed.

A review of areas of responsibility by Councillors was undertaken and Councillors were allocated subjects of undertaking.

Minor oil leaks at the Parish Hall had been repaired and some work on the grounds had been undertaken.   The position for a caretaker/cleaner had not yet been filled although there was some interest.   It was agreed to purchase and outside litter/cigarette bin.    A building valuation would be obtained on the Parish Hall for insurance purposes.

The accounts for the Hall were approved.   There was some concern that the costs were not being completely covered by hire charges received and therefore consideration was given as to whether these should be increased.   It was felt that the Hall was an asset to the whole community and as such should remain at their present level at the moment but the situation would remain under review.

Planning for the Jubilee celebrations were well under way and a Picnic in the Park “street” party for children would be held in The Recreation Ground on Sunday 5th June.   The cost for this was being covered by the Parish Council and access to the pavilion would be available should the weather conditions make it necessary.

Arrangements for the official open of the Parish Hall and the naming of the room at the front of the building on Thursday 2nd June were discussed.   The event would be held from 2.30 p.m. to 4.30 p.m. and the Hall would be officially opened by the Lord Lieutenant Julie Spence at 3 p.m.   Refreshments would be available.   Members of the public wishing to attend would be warmly welcome.   A framed photograph of H M The Queen was being purchased to mark the event.

The Local Highways Initiative application for a reduction of speed limits in Oak Lane had received a favourable response.

At the meeting of Cheveley Pavilion & Recreation Ground Charity which followed the Parish Council it was noted that the first phase of work on the Recreation Ground wall had been completed.   However the contractor had reported that the condition of the wall would benefit from future additional work.  It was decided to look into this further.

A member of the public had been written to asking them to inform the Council before undertaking any work on Council property which is an insurance requirement for all volunteers.

Sadly many more daffodils planted by the Council had been removed.

The next meetings would be held on Tuesday 14th June 2022 at 7.30 p.m. in Cheveley Parish Hall.    For information on this or any other matter please refer to the website (www.cheveley-pc.gov.uk) or contact the clerk, Mrs Marilyn Strand (clerk@cheveley-pc.gov.uk, Telephone 07483 107014.