On Tuesday 8th September meetings of Cheveley Parish Council and Cheveley Pavilion and Recreation Ground Charity were held once again using an online meeting platform.   Parish Councillors, District Councillor Alan Sharp and members of the public were in attendance.

It was reported that, further to completion of the repainting and renovation of the telephone boxes, books had been returned to them for residents to borrow.    Dave Joyner was thanked for his help as were Ridgeons for their kind donation of a shelf.

Cambridgeshire County Council Highways department had indicated that a 30 miles per hour speed limit further along Oak Lane may not be possible.   However a 40 miles per hour buffer zone could be considered.

The road safety measures in the North ward were almost complete.   Speed indicators would soon be installed.   Parking issues in the area continued to be a problem.

Cemetery regulations including recent amendments would be displayed on the notice board in the cemetery and on the council’s website.

An initiative by a resident for local children to start a wildlife village project was discussed.   It was felt that initially they should be encouraged with their idea to put planters and bird and bat boxes at various sites and that they would attend the October meeting to discuss the project further.

District Councillor Alan Sharp reported that the Eastern region would be responding to the white paper on planning.   He also advised that a letter would be sent to all local authorities in the area to encourage them to ban sky lanterns and balloons on land that they were responsible for.

It was hoped that the Neighbourhood Plan would be finalised in order for it to be sent to East Cambridgeshire District Council for checking at the end of September prior to being examined by the Parish Council and then voted on at a referendum next May when restrictions on referendums are expected to be lifted.

Contracts had been signed and exchanged in respect of the purchase of the former United Reformed Church hall and completion would take place within the next couple of weeks following clearance of the property.  In addition one pew had been purchased at a cost of £61.   It was intended that this would be placed in the reception area to denote the historic use of the building as a Chapel.  It had not yet been established if the Council will need to apply for planning permission for the renovations to the building but it was unlikely given the like-for-like nature of the work.   It will however be necessary to apply for permission in respect of the change of use as Community Halls and Churches have recently been split into two separate categories.

An initial meeting via Zoom of the Parish Hall Management Team had taken place on 3rd September when a few residents joined representatives of the Council to informally discuss plans for the building, the role and formation of the management team and future ideas.   Several of the group expressed a wish to look at the property more thoroughly and it was arranged that they could do so prior to a meeting with the architect and builder that was being held on 11th September.

It was noted that the Parish Council did not have sufficient reserves to pay for all the repairs and remedial work on the hall.   Possible funding methods were considered including applying for a loan.   A draft funding document is being worked on with a deadline for completion of the end of September.

It was agreed to purchase a wreath from the Royal British Legion for Remembrance Sunday on 8th November.   A payment for the purchase of Christmas trees was also agreed in respect of the Parish Christmas Celebration Event.

At the meeting of Cheveley Pavilion & Recreation Ground Charity that followed it was decided to defer a decision on the planting of trees in the recreation ground until the next project planning meeting which will be later this year.   For this to be considered as a viable project to take forward, volunteers will be needed to assist with the watering of them next summer.   Interested parties should contact the Clerk (clerk@cheveley-pc.gov.uk).

No update had been received from the contractor working on the recreation ground wall.

The dog warden had been contacted regarding nuisance dogs at the recreation ground and the situation would continue to be monitored.

A recent inspection of the play equipment by East Cambridgeshire District Council had revealed no major problems.

The next meetings of Cheveley Parish Council and the Pavilion and Recreation Ground Charity will be held on Tuesday 13th October at 7.30 p.m.