On Tuesday 14th July meetings of Cheveley Parish Council and Cheveley Pavilion and Recreation Ground Charity were held once again using an online meeting platform.   All Parish Councillors were in attendance as were District Councillor Alan Sharp and members of the public.

Since the previous meeting updates continued to be made to the Council’s website regarding local and national information on the coronavirus pandemic to ensure that it remains up to date and in line with Government advice.   Work that was due to be carried out on the telephone boxes has been delayed due to the unavailability of the handyman.  The Council’s contractor had cut back nettles and long grass on the Public Rights of Way footpaths numbers 1 and 2.

District Councillor Alan Sharp reported that East Cambridgeshire District Council were due to discuss how the Council had been hit financially due to the Coronavirus outbreak.   He believed it would not be too bad as they did not normally receive a great deal of income from car parking fees as other Councils do.    He also informed the Council that consideration was being given to banning Chinese lanterns from being released in this area.   It was expected that a decision on this would be made on 16th July.

It was noted that an application for a street trading licence had been received from a mobile fish and chip vendor who had been trading in the recreation ground recently.   There was no objection to this subject to confirmation from the Council’s insurers that it would not adversely affect their liability cover.

The Cheveley Parish Neighbourhood Plan had almost been finalised.   Other planning issues were discussed amongst which the Council was informed that work carried out to a property in Cheveley High Street seemingly without planning permission was being investigated by the enforcement officer.

The Council were updated on the latest position regarding the purchase of the former United Reform Church building.   The vendor would be clearing the property prior to completion with the exception of a few items which the Council would be taking over.   A slight woodworm problem had been uncovered and it had been agreed that the cost of rectifying this would be shared between the parties.   The architect had sent the renovation specification to three contractors who would be submitting their tenders by the end of the month.    The Council would then hold an extraordinary meeting on 6th August in order to make a final decision regarding the appointment of a builder.   In the meantime it was expected that contracts would be signed at the 11th August meeting and the purchase would be completed soon after.

A few residents had so far shown an interest in being part of a management committee for the hall facility.   It was hoped that more would be involved as the project neared completion.   The hall would be a facility for the whole Parish and it was felt beneficial that some residents in the North Ward would join the team to ensure that that area would be represented.   Draft Terms of Reference for the group were considered and Councillors asked to submit any changes before a final document is put forward for approval.   Local resident, Richard Jackson, had produced a helpful paper for which he was thanked.

A proposal to provide vouchers for local children from 8 to 16 years to attend Phoenix Cycle Works sessions was considered and it was agreed to do so up to a total amount of £500 limited to 5 vouchers per child.   For full details of how to obtain the vouchers please contact the clerk (clerk@cheveley-pc.gov.uk).   Children would need to book sessions in advance and take their own bike.

The speed reduction work in the North Ward of the Parish had been started including situating the raised table in place.   However there had been some delay in obtaining the gateways which will be installed as soon as they are available.

A quotation for the repair of damaged gravestones at the cemetery was approved and the work will be completed as soon as possible.   A report from the clerk on the current availability of grave and memorial spaces was noted and it was decided that the policy of retaining the spaces for residents only should be adhered to.

Complaints against two parish councillors would be deferred until this matter could be dealt with at a face to face meeting.

At the meeting of Cheveley Pavilion & Recreation Ground Charity which immediately followed that of the Parish Council it was reported that signage at the Recreation Ground has been updated following Government advice regarding the re-opening of play areas.   Repairs to the Zip wire and net traverse will be undertaken at the beginning of August.   In the meantime signs and tape would remain in place to deter use.    Work on the outside wall has recommenced.

Following some relaxation in the Government recommendations the tray and grills had been put out on the barbecue outside the pavilion.

The expenditure on playground equipment repairs over recent years was examined and noted.

A concerned resident had written to the council to voice their worries about recurring incidents involving unruly dogs on the Recreation Ground.   It was decided to monitor the situation and a notice including the dog warden’s number to be put at the grounds.   Residents should call this number in the first instance if they are concerned.   The dog warden would also be invited to view the grounds.

The future use of the pavilion in the light of the purchase of the hall by the Parish Council was discussed.   It was agreed that talks should take place with Cheveley Sports Club regarding their aspirations for the future use of it and the surrounding area.

The next regular meetings will be held on Tuesday 11th August at 7.30 p.m.   Please consult the website (www.cheveley-pc.gov.uk) or notice boards regarding the location.