Cheveley Parish Council met on Tuesday, the 12th of September for their monthly meeting. There were seven parish councillors in attendance and one apology. Also, one county councillor, two members of the public and a representative from Denbury Homes to discuss a planning application. County Council Sharp reported that the Making Connections congestion charge proposal is still ongoing and the next meeting regarding this matter will be on the 11th October.

The county council had decided to not routinely weed spray this year and this has caused issues with road surfaces and an excess of weeds. The county council has written to parish councils to explain the rationale behind their decision and acknowledged that more consultation with local councils should have been carried out.

The Cheveley Neighbourhood Plan is now in its consultation phase and an Open Day was held on the 2nd September for residents to come and view the detail of the plan.

Robert Eburne from Danbury Homes attended the meeting to brief councillors about the plans for the Home Office site. He confirmed that there will be 22 homes of which five will be classified as affordable. The plan is to clear the site ready for archaeological surveys with a view to starting work next year and the work being completed within one year.  There will be some CIL funding generated from this application.

The council noted that the external audit has now been completed.

It was also noted that the traffic calming measures near Hobbs Warren have now been completed. The council considered quotes from three companies to provide acoustic panels for the Garden Room in the parish hall to improve sound quality as they have received feedback from users to say that the hall is very echoey.  The council has chosen their preferred supplier and subject to satisfactory references from previous customers, the order for the acoustic panels will be placed in October.

It was noted that the war memorial is now Grade II listed status. The memorial is in need of repair.  The clerk will apply for the required permission before any work is carried out.


Immediately after the parish council meeting, the meeting of the Cheveley Pavilion and Recreation Ground charity was held.  There were seven trustees in attendance and one apology.  The trustees agreed that the existing NatWest bank account should be closed and a new one found because of the ongoing issues accessing funds and updating signatories.

The trustees decided that any future play equipment for the recreation ground will not be made of timber because of issues related to rot and the associated costs for repair.

Quotes are currently being sought for a replacement zip wire and the trustees will consider their options at the October meeting.

Repairs to the recreation ground wall were discussed and carried forward for more detailed discussions at the October meeting.

It was agreed to clear growth from against the wall to allow access and for the wall to dry out. Additional CCTV for the entrance to the recreation ground is being considered to help combat antisocial behaviour.  A grant is available to help with the cost of this equipment and will be applied for.

Work is currently underway to redecorate and carry out repairs on the pavilion.

The meeting also discussed the ongoing issue with dog owners not cleaning up after their pets.  It was acknowledged that this is often because owners are distracted by their phones or children and not watching their dogs when they are off the lead.


The next meeting of both the council and the charity will be on 10th October 2023.