On Tuesday 10th October meetings of Cheveley Parish Council and Cheveley Pavilion & Recreation Ground Charity were held in the Garden Room at Cheveley Parish Hall.   All eight Councillors were present together with District and County Councillor Alan Sharp.

A new mandate for HSBC was completed at the meeting following rejection of the previous one for which no reason was given.   Following the Council’s complaint they had apologised and would be giving £50 in respect of compensation.

Following a large increase in the cost of the electricity supply alternative options were being considered.

An update on the progress of the Neighbourhood Plan was given by the Chairman, James Hadlow.

The Conservation Officer at East Cambridgeshire District Council had advised that not all work on listed buildings required consent.   It had therefore been possible to carry out the repair of the damage to the War Memorial and Councillors who had seen it were very pleased with the result.   In order to complete tidying up of the area before Remembrance Sunday Councillor Noble volunteered to repaint the two bollards there.

It was reported that the dog foul bin at Broomstick Corner had become unsecure and that East Cambridgeshire District Council had been advised.

Vice Chairman, Rob Treanor, reported that the agreement regarding the car park lease at the Parish Hall had nearly been finalised and hopefully would shortly be ready for execution.   He was thanked for all his efforts in bringing this about.

It was agreed to approve payment for acoustic improvements in the Garden Room of the Hall and it was hoped that this work would commence soon.

Minor work had been carried out at the Hall to fit bolts, signs etc to comply with the outstanding items on the Risk Assessment.   The render has also been repaired on the outside wall and the slipped tile on the roof reattached.

It was hoped that a schedule of events to be held in Cheveley could be produced on a regular basis which would then be displayed, when space allowed, in Notice Boards and other locations throughout the Parish.

At the meeting of Cheveley Pavilion & Recreation Ground Charity that immediately followed it was reported that remedial work at the pavilion had been completed.

It had been confirmed by Highways departments and the County Council that no permission is necessary for a CCTV pole on private ground.   A grant for funding to cover the cost of the additional CCTV camera that was to be installed following previous antisocial behaviour had been approved by   East Cambridgeshire District Council.

Quotations had been received for various repairs or replacement of damaged playground equipment including the zip wire.   These were discussed at length and because of the popularity of these items it was agreed to go ahead with the necessary work.   Approximately 160 meters of the Recreation Ground wall adjacent to Cheveley High Street was also in need of repair.   A quotation had been received for this work and the contractor would be contacted to discuss a feasible time scale to carry this work out.

The pavilion would shortly be closed for the winter months.   The outside toilets would also be closed down.

The next meetings would be held on Tuesday 14th November at 7.30 p.m. in the Garden Room of Cheveley Parish Hall.   For information on this or any other matter please refer to the website (www.cheveley-pc.gov.uk) or contact via: clerk@cheveley-pc.gov.uk, or telephone 07483 107014.