Meetings of Cheveley Parish Council and Cheveley Pavilion and Recreation Ground Charity were held on Tuesday 10th March in the Community Room of Cheveley School.

It was reported that the Chair and Vice Chair had met with representatives from Duchess Park (Newmarket) Management Committee regarding future maintenance of play equipment situated on land belonging to the residents of Duchess Park but which was available for use by the wider community.   Those representatives had been invited to discuss this further at the Parish Council meeting in April.

District Councillor Alan Sharp reported that surveys on buses, walking and cycling in the area were in the process of being sent to all households.   On Monday 30th March a drop-in centre on the subject would be held in the Community Room of Cheveley School from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.   Residents are urged to complete and return the questionnaire as a good response would help to form future policy.

Councillor Day gave an update on the current position on the road safety schemes that were to be incorporated in the North Ward of the Parish.   Consultation would be undertaken in respect of the installation of a raised table to be installed in Ashley Road.   Future potential projects under the Local Highways Improvement Scheme would be considered at the April meeting.

A proposal to introduce a Young Volunteer of the Year award, which would be presented to a young person from the Parish up to age 24 years who had contributed to the community, had been received.   It was felt that this would be an excellent idea.   Suggestions for a name and other aspects of the award would be discussed at future meetings.    The McCalmont Cup, which is already presented annually for service to the community, would be presented at the Annual Parish Meeting which is due to be held on Tuesday 28th April at 7.30 p.m. in the Community Room.

Tree and bulb planting schemes would be planned during the coming months and would be implemented in the autumn.

The Council was delighted to be able to announce that their offer to purchase, subject to contract and survey, the former United Reform Church building in Cheveley High Street had been accepted.   It was felt that this property was an enormous asset to the Parish as a community hub and should not be lost to local groups many of whom already used it.   It was agreed that the Chair, Vice Chair and Clerk would act on behalf of the Council to proceed with the purchase and would arrange for it to be surveyed.

Councillor Elbrow would liaise with Councillor Hadlow to identify buildings and structures for the Buildings of Local Interest Register.

It was brought to the Council’s attention that there was scope for Cheveley Women’s Institute, who meet on the second Wednesday of each month at 7.30 in the Community Room, to accept new members who need not live in Cheveley village.   For further details please contact Jenny on 01638 663658 or Carolyn on 01638 730508.

The wildflower meadow seeds planted last autumn at the cemetery appeared to be progressing well and it was agreed to begin preparation of the soil for the remaining section to be sown this autumn.   Repairs to some old headstones would be undertaken.

A meeting of Cheveley Pavilion & Recreation Ground Charity immediately followed which was attended by some members of Cheveley Sports Club.   Further to the future acquisition of the former United Reform Church building it was agreed that there would be consultation with them to decide on the best possible way to develop the Pavilion and how to achieve this.   A meeting would be arranged during May to discuss the various options.

The outside toilet at the Recreation Ground would be re-opened on 2nd April in time for the Easter holidays.

The next meetings would be held on Tuesday 14th April at 7.30 in the Community Room at Cheveley